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"It is the mission of the AMICI del POVERELLO Guild to offer moral, emotional, and financial support to Poverello House. We seek to enhance their efforts to feed, clothe and assist, unconditionally, the poor, the homeless, and the disadvantaged who pass their way."

About the AMICI del POVERELLO Guild

Amici del Poverello Guild

Amici’s full name is Amici del Poverello Guild. "Amici" means "friends," and the members of the Amici Guild are truly great friends of Poverello House. The Amici Guild aids the homeless by raising money and sponsoring special events for Poverello House. Amici extends the work of the Poverello House staff, Board of Directors, and adds a personal touch to parties for the homeless.

Amici del Poverello Guild was formed in January of 1990 as an auxiliary group to sponsor special events, raise funds, and generate community interest in Poverello House. The Guild is now made of of 20 to 25 members who work together to sponsor specific annual events and fund raisers benefiting Poverello House.

The Amici Guild welcomes new members! Members do so much for Poverello House, yet joining Amici does not require a huge time commitment. We meet once a month and plan events that take place throughout the year. Most members participate in the events, but others get involved, find donors, or do other background work so necessary to the success of an event.

In addition to new members, Amici needs businesses and individuals to help sponsor activities by contributing services or goods. Amici’s members are volunteers and Amici sponsors approximately 15 events for the homeless and poor. The events are organized and staffed by Amici members and include a Christmas Party, Second Space Theater night, a yard sale, Valentine card party, and an Easter Party.

It has been said that "we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." Amici del Poverello Guild is a wonderful opportunity to give of yourself. If you are interested in getting information, you can get in touch with Amici members by calling Poverello House. Poverello will give you the numbers of current Amici officers.

Carol Maul
(559) 229-7709

Kathy Hoover
(559) 448-9383