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The intention of Homeless Court is to provide formerly homeless individuals who are currently participating in a substance abuse rehabilitation program the chance to correct outstanding legal problems. Fresno’s Homeless Court began as a pilot project in 2002. Because of its success, the Executive Committee of the Fresno Superior Court approved Homeless Court to conduct sessions on a quarterly basis.

The Fresno Homeless Court is an innovative court program modeled after the Homeless Court of San Diego, California. The courtroom moved to a site easily accessible to the homeless – sessions are currently held at Poverello House- where legal encumbrances can be handled in a compassionate, realistic manner. This allows the court to clear cases off their books, and gives homeless men and women the chance to untangle themselves from long-standing violations of the law.

Participants in substance abuse rehabilitation programs are the target group for Homeless Court because these individuals have already demonstrated a desire to make positive life changes. Homeless Court is a unique opportunity for individuals to begin dealing with the wreckage of their past while gaining sobriety for a positive future. The types of cases appropriate for Homeless Court are misdemeanors and other minor infractions. Cases involving felonies, outstanding child support, driving while intoxicated or cases outside of Fresno County are not eligible. Should the client not know what types of infractions they have or if they have any at all, they are nonetheless allowed to sign up and the Court will determine their qualification.

Homeless court is held approximately every three months with the next scheduled for March 28, 2008. For more information regarding Homeless Court, please contact:

Leticia Martinez
Phone: (559) 498-6988 Ext. 106
Fax: (559) 485-6548
Email: martinez@poverellohouse.org