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Chart of Operating Income for Fiscal Year 2006/2007

Operating Income for 2006/2007
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People frequently ask us where we receive funding to operate. Since the beginning, the majority of funding has come from the community in the form of individual gifts, memorials, bequests, and contributions from church groups and businesses. Looking at the income chart to the right, you can see that 87.5% of our funding comes from these sources. Were it not for the generous support of our donors, Poverello House would not be able to continue to offer so much to so many.

Chart of Expenses for Fiscal Year 2006/2007

Expenses for 2006/2007
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If you glance at the chart that cites our expenses, you can see that the greatest proportion of our expenditures went toward homeless services, which consists of the many things we do to help people on the streets, such as emergency housing, transportation, recreation, and social services. Our next largest services category is providing food to the hungry. Substance Use Rehab encompasses the costs of running our Resident Program. Clinic/Health Support is what we contribute to the operation of Holy Cross Clinic. The newsletter category is the cost of producing and mailing the Poverello News, our primary means of raising money and awareness. Community Relations refers to volunteer coordination, public relations, and fund-raising activities. Operations represent what it costs to keep everything going: utilities, insurance, repairs, maintenance, fuel, etc. We do our best to keep operation costs at a minimum; however with increasing fuel and utilities costs in the last year, expenses rose from the previous years. Administration is the cost of supervising and coordinating the many facets of Poverello House. If you have any questions, or would like to explore how you can support us, please contact us at 559.498.6988.