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Poverello House welcomes anyone with a heart to serve. Hundreds of community volunteers assist the staff of Poverello House daily.

Because Poverello House provides 1,200 to 1,400 meals a day, much of the volunteer activity is centered in the kitchen. However, there are also other activities that many volunteers do. The following is a partial list of volunteer service activities available at Poverello House:

  • Serving meals to the homeless at breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Helping with food preparation, such as cutting meat and vegetables and sorting food items
  • Putting together bag dinners on the weekends
  • Helping clean the kitchen and dining room
  • Trash pick-up on the grounds outside
  • Gardening work (weeding, pruning, planting)
  • Warehouse work, mainly sorting clothes and canned food
  • Helping conduct church services on Sundays
  • Assisting with chores & activities at Naomi's House (selected dates/times)
  • Assisting in the Holy Cross Medical and Dental Clinic (For Nursing Students Only) please call the clinic at 442-4108 for more information
  • Special projects as needed, such as painting, minor construction or special clean-up of neglected areas

You can also read about special Volunteer Opportunities by visiting VolunteerMatch.org or by clicking one of the following links:

(559) 498-6988
Fax: (559) 485-6548
Email: info@poverellohouse.org